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Frequently asked questions can be found in the FAQ menu.




1. How can I change my personal information?

[Personal Information Change] * Email Address and Name: Unable to Change

Phone number change (if member) : Top right of homepage [MY PAGE] - [Mobile phone number change]


2. I'd like to get a bitcoin deposit, but I don't have an address. Where can I check it?

At the top of  D/W -> Deposit -> Select (BTC) / You can check address of BTC


3. Tell me how to convert Bitcoin to KRW (Korean Won) and KRW into Bitcoin.

In, Buy/Sell page,  Click the 'BTC' button of  BTC quantity in order to use a simple calculator.

Please refer to the following formula for calculating the conversion of KRW and Bitcoin.

KRW = retained BTC X 1BTC per of current market price.

BTC = retained KRW / 1BTC per of current market price.

e.g. If the current market price is 300,000KRW per 1BTC
      If you have 1.5BTC = 1.5 X 300,000 = 450,000KRW

      If you have 600,000KRW = 600,000/300,00 = 2BTC


4. Bitcoin deposit sent by an acquaintance cannot be confirmed.

You must confirm at least three orders in order to obtain approval from our site. Blockchain (

You can check the number of order confirmation by inquiring the TXID (Trade number).

You can also check the progress in the 'My page' within our site.

If more than three orders have been confirmed, but the deposit is not confirmed, please call our representative number and we will check it for you.


5. How can I do membership withdrawal?

Please contact the customer center for membership withdrawal request, as it is necessary to verify your membership via wire.

( With 1:1 QnA,  It is unable to proceed membership withdrawal.)


6.Where Can I ask other questions?

Please leave it on the customer center or the '1:1Q&A' board and then we'll be glad to help you.

IP and Crypto Address Whitelisting



To add extra security to your Bitssetex account, we support whitelisting of IP addresses and Crypto addresses.  These 2 features will help protect your account in the event that your lose your credentials or API keys.  These are both opt in features that you will need to explicitly enable and require Two-Factor Authentication to update.  


IP Whitelisting : By setting one or more whitelisted addresses, you are telling Bitssetex to only authorize trades or withdrawals from those IPs.  This includes both the web interface and API based trades or withdrawals.


Crypto Address Whitelisting : By setting a withdrawal address on a digital currency, you are telling Bitssetex to only authorize withdrawals to that address.  This includes both the web interface and API based withdrawals.  Note that when opting into this feature, you must specify a withdrawal address for every digital currency you would like to place a withdrawal from.  

Account Hacked/Unauthorized Login



Please be aware that there are phishing sites on the Internet that look like Bitssetex.  These sites are fake and harvest your credentials which can then be used to login to your account.  These sites will capture many different things including, username, password, 2FA code, and possibly even ask you for your email username and password.  Bitssetex will never ask you for your email username and password, so please never enter those on any login that looks like a Bitssetex's site.



We highly recommend users enable two-factor to further secure their accounts and protect them from most automated attacks.  However, many users will still use the same passwords and email combinations they use on other sites as well as weak password to protect their accounts.  Bitssetex keeps your user information secure and has never leaked any passwords.  However, many sites in the Crypto world have been hacked and the hackers have databases that they attempt to use to login to accounts.  This is why we suggest enabling two-factor.

Multiple Account Policy



Please note : At this time, Bitssetex dose not allow multiple accounts


We will automatically detect and disable new accounts linked to existing customers. Bitssetex understands that users may have opened duplicate accounts and have funds stuck in a disabled account. If you have an account disabled due to having opened multiple accounts you will need to work with our team to consolidate your accounts. At this time there is a significant wait time to have accounts consolidated. Requests for consolidation will be processed in the order they were received. Please do not open duplicate requests as this will slow down the processing time for yourself and others.

Why is my account disabled?



Depending on why your account is disabled, you may be eligible to have your account automatically enabled after 48 hours.


Possible reasons your account may be disabled:


-You requested that your account get disabled.

-We suspected your account was hacked and disabled it for you.

-You attempted to verify your account with an identification document that has already been used.

-Your account was involved in irregular trading activity.

-You violated the Bitssetex terms of service.


How do I qualify to auto enable my disabled account?


-Your account must be Basic or Enhanced Verified.

-You must have disabled your own account by clicking the link in one of the emails Bitssetex sends.

Why am I unable to receive the confirmation email for withdraws?



BITSSETEX sends withdraw emails promptly when you press the withdraw button. If you do not receive the withdraw email you should make sure you check your spam folder and also whitelist at your email provider. You can always cancel a withdraw and try again, this will send you a new email.


If you are still unable to receive email you may need to change the email on file with Bitssetex. You could also enable 2fa which does not require email authentication.


In order to change your email on file with us please provide some of the following.


- Past Deposits 

- Recent Orders 

- Approximate Balances


The more you can provide the easier it will be to verify your account and change your email address.  Accounts with high balances will require more information for verification.

Why isn't my withdrawal working?



Please make sure of the following:


-That you have actually submitted a withdrawal request.  When one succeeds, you will see an entry in the Pending Withdrawals box.

-If you do not, please check the top of the page for any error messages.

-If you get "INSUFFICIENT_FUNDS", it means you have entered more coins than you have.  This can happen because we take TXFEEs out of your BALANCE, not the amount you enter in.

-If you do NOT have 2fa enabled, an email confirmation is required.  If you do not receive this, please check your spam folder.  At any time you can cancel your withdrawal and resubmit it to have the email sent to you.

What does it mean when a wallet is in maintenance?



Wallet maintenance implies one of several possible things could be happening:


-There could be a possible fork on the block chain.  In order to protect funds, we have disabled the wallet until a consensus has been made on which chain is the proper chain.

-The wallet has been updated by the developer and the exchange is in the process of implementing the wallet update.

-The wallet daemon on our server has hung or crashed.

-The wallet is sending orphan transactions or having an issue that requires the developer to work with us on resolving.


There are other scenarios that cause a wallet to be disabled.  In general, the wallet is disabled to prevent users attempting to deposit or withdraw to a wallet that may not be functioning properly.  We are always actively working to bring wallets in maintenance back online as quickly as possible.  

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